”Umwelthesizer” 2021, 3’16” video(video of interactive installation)

 “Umwelthesiyer” is create an experience field by bringing the raw datas of the landscape that we cannot see or hear to the plane of the landscape that we can perceive.

 It is an instrument integrated into a landscape, an interactive installation of eight synthesizers with five oscillators. A variable noise stack that derives its existence from the relational complexity of its environment. The transformation of basic variables such as temperature, humidity, and conductivity that create an environment, in other words, the conditions of existence of that  environment, into a heap of noise. It produces an area-specific “deep noise” and these ghostly sounds make us think of the unseen of that landscape. In fact, a doing is basically a giving and taking. Doing is a practical way of learning without learning, by giving and taking. I continue my art practices in this direction with audio installations that I embark on a journey to (un)learning.

Installation images   –   Leech Lake, Bolu, Turkey

Exhibition documentation

Sketch & Process


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