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Artist statement&CV

Volkan Dinçer works focus on inter-system relations and ecological questions within a board research field ranging from perception tendencies to symbiotic relationship. Dinçer primarily produces his own electronic systems using various digital tools such as low level electronic, video, animation and sometimes combines them with living materials usually for blurring the boundaries between the systems and producing some questions in this way.

 Workshops & Residencys

2023 Istanbul Modern “Young Productions in the Field of Digital Art”

2022 IKSV Production and research programme (Istanbul)

2021 ARS ELECTRONICA Ecosystems Internatioal Online Hackathon 21′ Edition

2021 “Çek-Yat Film Jam” Filmmaking marathon Nesin Station (Şirince, Turkey)

2021 Piksel New Media Residency Program (Istanbul)

2021 MisarArt Online Residency (Mardin, Turkey)

2021 “Wish you were here” International Online Workshop by Prof.Dr. Martin Kim (Mannheim, Germany)

2020 Artigit’I Online Residency (Moscow)

2019 Mannheim University International Biennale Workshop (Venice)

2019 “Locality and Global Discourse” Cooperation with CCA and MÜGSF (Istanbul / SanFrancisco)

2019 “Source” Workshop by Alba D’Urbano and Tina Bara (Istanbul / Germany)