@TheOrchid_Beauty 2023, Interactive multimedia installation.

In “@theorchid_beauty”, the orchid, which becomes a cyborg with the use of implants, integrates social media in its symbiosis. By doing so the artist wants to present an ironic example of the relationship between Ecology of orchid and social media. 

This orchid survives on Instagram likes. It has its own Instagram account and uses it for its own needs. When it is in need of water, it posts a selfie on Instagram and gets watered with the likes on this post. 

The anthropocentric culture of likes and the resulting selection mechanisms are phenomena that orchids, like many other species, have been exposed to for many years. Based on this, the basis of this project revolves around the exploration of potential discourses and questions about human-nonhuman relationship.

Exhibition archive – ArsElectronica Festival 2023

Special thanks to Ali Miharbi for his technical and conceptual support in the early stages of the project.