"mouse" 2023, speculative interface, interactive media.

“mouse” creates an expressions of different times and shows the core and existential relations behind the technologies.

The “mouse”, as a speculative interface, is comprised of iron ore rock, which is a geological deposit referring to the origins of a computer mouse, and various mouse components.

This ore from the Erzberg mine in Eisenerz, Austria, contains magnetite, hematite, limonite, silica, aluminum and trace amounts of other various minerals. The reclamation and stabilization of these minerals, which are largely used in the production of daily technologies, is an important part of the media archaeological research on geological dependence and mineral migration that is a part of this research phase of the project.

“In the dance of material conditions and technological innovations, societies find their rhythm, composing a symphony of emergence and complexity.” -DeLanda Manuel

Documentation of the production process

Exhibition archive of Sankt Interface 2023

Special Thanks to Erzberg Iron Mine. 


Specially I would like to thanks Till Schönwetter for his logistic and motivative supports.