"Circuitous Bodies" 2023, nail art, interactive sound art, performance.

“Circuitous Bodies” is produced by Artists Volkan Dincer and Behiye Erdemir and performed by Veronica Pace at DH5 Sexponential as part of the 2023 Ars Electronica Festival.

“Circuitous Bodies” uses nail art and noise intertwined as a tool to transcend physical boundaries and bend the social norms surrounding the body.

The nails transform into a political and performative act manifesting in a sonic space, with sound oscillators integrated into the nails. 

With this synthesis, “Circuitous Bodies” enters into a resonance between noise and nail art that acts as a form of expression for marginalized subjects. This resonance creates a transcendental space of expression for marginalized bodies that oscillate with the sound frequencies surrounding the space.

DH5 Sexponential catalog 2023

Artists Behiye Erdemir & Volkan Dincer

Performer Veronica Pace


Exhibited in

Arselectronica Festival

DH5 Sexponential


“Circuitous Bodies” 2023