Biotope 2019, sound, mixed media installation.

“Biotope”, a search for a new language, aims to re-question the impossibilities of communication and possible semiotic relationships between different living systems. Biotope, a term, means a biological community with relatively isolated and uniform environmental conditions. In aquarism, aquariums that present a cross-section of a certain terreria and simulate the environment are called biotopes. This artwork is driven by a code that takes images through a camera from a biotope containing green microalgae, duckweeds, fly larvae, water snails and various isopods and generates sound from the image in real time. The sound is shaped by visual changes, such as algae concentration, a snail walking on glass, and light transmittance in the biotope. It may be useful to focus on the biotope for a long time to understand the relationship between sound and image, but time can flow at very different speeds for different biological systems and some changes may take days to occur. The relative time factor that increases the impossibilities of communication and perception constitutes another experiential aspect of the work.

Exhibition archive – “After” 2019