"An Ordinary Day" 2020-2021, 5'19'' Video.

 The short documentary film “An Ordinary Day” in which I try to capture a relational flow by montage sections from an ordinary day in village life. In a countryside that has become the colony of the city, things are not quite like their dreams of “self-sufficient ecological life”. It is a large-scale factory with its biomass, wind, water, and the main purpose is to extract maximum energy from this area. Landscapes composed of contrasts created by different elements there for the same purpose; it makes us think about modern relations in the countryside.

 In my video work that I made as a short documentary film, I tried to capture a relational flow by montage sections from an ordinary day in village life. I had the opportunity to spend about 10 days at a farm in the village and during this time I was going to “shoot what?” While he was wandering around, some relations began to become clear after 2-3 tiring days.
 I was in a region where energy is produced, energy was produced in every sense, for example, wind turbines, fields, waterways, farms, mines are all in a landscape and when I look here, what I see is a giant power plant. A facility that tries to catch up with the consumption of cities. Wind is transformed into electricity, electricity into irrigation and many other areas into mechanical energy, mechanical energy into biomass in the fields, and these biomaterials are turned into energy by burning in our bodies and then we roll up our sleeves the next morning to produce more with this energy. On the other hand, the control of this energy can be seen very clearly; perfect separation of fields from each other, animals directing the energy in short is a vital issue. These places are not hidden by cladding materials like cities, everything is clear. This is a study of landscapes where I intuitively point my camera under the influence of all these thoughts.

Location Ezine/Yeniköy/Çanakkale

Autumn 2020 when filming took place

Video İmages